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La Guinette by Mademoiselle de Margaux (16 Piece)
In this famed Bordeaux village, a small chocolaterie, Margaux in Medoc, creates and produces delicacies as scrumptious as their refined presentation suggests. La Guinette are cherries soaked in Armagnac, then enrobed in dark chocolate. The chocolate factory has been set up in a wine storehouse surrounded by renowned vineyards. This magnificent setting amidst great Châteaux has inspired a unique know-how in combining liquor and chocolate.

La Guinette is made from a slightly tart cherry of the Prunus Cerasus Oblaginska variety, commonly known as the morello cherry. The length of the confection process helps to obtain a firm-fleshed fruit. There is no stone, which means you can safely enjoy the cherry without a second thought. Natural stems have been used for a long time, but they gradually dry out, which is detrimental to preserving the chocolate; the use of artificial stems ensures food safety while preserving the elegance of the tasting gesture.

Mastering the harmony of flavours and textures is a delicate art. The Armagnac's warmth is captured by the dark chocolate coating made with pure cocoa butter. The chocolate-maker watches over each step of the process until each chocolate is placed in its box. You might find a few droplets of brandy on the product, proof that they are made by hand. Mademoiselle de Margaux wishes you the utmost enjoyment of your chocolate-covered cherries.

Presentation box of 16 cherries.