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Cabernet Brownie by Marche Noir
Offering three distinct varieties, Marché Noir is proud to introduce their Cabernet Brownie. At first they appear to be unassuming brownies wrapped in wine labels. One bite, however, and you're taken on a field trip to a winery's barrel room, your favorite chocolate shop, a vertical tasting, and back to the best grade-school bake sale you can remember. Chocolate lovers, wine drinkers and the health conscious are sure to be pleased, and isn't that just about everyone? Three varieties available:
  • Brut Cacao: A velvety dance of texture and depth.
  • Nutty Noir: Toothy and dark, punctuated by hazelnuts.
  • Special Preserve: Jammy notes of currant and dried cherry.
How does health mesh with indulgence? How does culinary craft reconcile with sustainability? How can a luxurious experience be extracted from relatively humble ingredients that are often overlooked? At Marché Noir, they approach the epicurean lifestyle from a different angle. They take a closer look at what's all around and extract flavor and meaning from unexpected places. When they heard that the grape skins from wine production could be turned into a flour, it was a perfect "Marché Noir" moment. But don't think of it as recycling, think of it as rediscovering something of great value that has always been there, right under our noses. High in iron, fiber, and Res-V as well as antioxidants, wine flour is a truly unique healthful way to enjoy another dimension of wine making. It also creates a valuable resource out of something often discarded, which is particularly important in our ecologically aware age. Marché Noir incorporates this California-grown Wine Flour into pasta, brownies and other baked goods.

Varieties Sold Separately.