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Delicata Squash Seed Oil
Delicata Squash Seed Oil is made with 100% roasted delicata squash seeds grown in upstate New York. The oil has a rich tawny color with a taste reminiscent of dried figs or currants. It makes a flavorful addition to pork and chicken marinades, and pairs exceptionally well with Indian or Asian spices in poultry dishes. Also great drizzled over fresh goat cheese.

Stony Brook creates unrefined vegetable oils made from roasted squash seeds. While this process sounds simple. Stony Brook goes the extra mile to make sure everything is done right. The oils are expeller pressed, which means that the oil is mechanically pressed from the squash seed without added heat or chemicals. Unlike most other commercially available cooking oils (like canola and grapeseed), Stony Brook does not chemically alter the oil as part of the production process. No other oils are added or blended in--each bottle is 100% pure varietal seed oil from local farms.

Seeds are roasted, pressed, lightly filtered, and the oil goes right into the bottle--simple as that. The seeds yield relatively little oil (compared to olive or grapeseed) so the seeds of many squash are needed to produce a single bottle. As a plant-derived oil, Stony Brook Squash Seed Oil is high in unsaturated fat, particularly unrefined omega 6 fatty acid (linoleic acid) and a moderate amount of monounsaturated fat (oleic acid). It has slightly more saturated fat than other seed oils, approximately the same amount as peanut oil—or one-third the saturated fat of butter. The oil is shelf-stable and suitable for cooking at high heat (it has a smoke point of approximately 425 F). Also unique to this oil is the high amount of vitamins A and E relative to other vegetable oils. Stored in a cool dark place, the oils will retain optimal flavor up to six months after opening, or up to one year unopened. So take a break from everyday olive oil and treat your self and your health to Stony Brook's exceptional squash oils.