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Cole's Smoked Portuguese Sardines in Olive Oil
Caught by local boats off the northern Portugal, these delicious sardines are sealed in pure olive oil. We love them as a complement to just about any salad with spinach, lettuce and greens. Or try them blended with a mixture of herbs, chopped green onions, a bit of balsamic and a touch of mayo. Enjoy the delicate smoky goodness of Portuguese sardines fresh from the boats of local coastal fishermen.

Cole’s brings you the best of both worlds; championing the environmentally-friendly fishing practices you care about while providing delicious, gourmet fish right to your table. Cole’s is an earth-friendly company dedicated to bringing you the finest, freshest foods from around the globe while preserving the delicate balance between nature and our own nutritional needs. They firmly believes in sustainable fishing practices, sound environmental stewardship, and in giving back to the farming and fishing communities who supply Cole's to maintain their dedication to these same principles. From recycled packaging to selecting only all-natural products that meet their strict standards for sustainable farming and fishing methods, Cole’s brings you great gourmet taste with a conscience.