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Oma by Von Trapp Organic Farmstead
From 1959, when Werner and Erika von Trapp purchased the von Trapp Farm, it has been a working dairy. Over the course of three generations, the farm has transitioned to a certified organic dairy and most recently added cheese making to the value-added operations. Oma is an American original – an intriguing but approachable organic washed-rind cheese that balances pungent and sweet flavors. The paste is soft, buttery, and almost pudding-like, but never runny. The rind is thin and mild for the style – an earthy foil to notes of roasted nuts and sweet cream. Aged 60-90 days.

In the Spring of 2007, before cheese was made at von Trapp Farmstead Dan and Sebastian spent some time in England working with artisan producers and Neal's Yard Dairy to gain knowledge and experience. Sebastian and Dan von Trapp created Oma as a strategy for revitalizing their family’s hillside farm in Waitsfield. It is there, on their 40 cow family farm that they craft this exceptional cheese. Oma is a must-try for fans of Reblochon, Tomme de Savoie, or Saint Nectaire.

  • Made from Vermont certified organic unpasteurized cow's milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 1.5 lb. form of cheese.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.