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Spiced Apple and Prune Chutney
Serve straight from the jar as an accompaniment to pies, cheese, and sandwiches. A bewitching blend of apples, prunes, onions, golden raisins, orange, rutabagas, brandy, and spices. Perfect with a wedge of well-aged cheddar, crumbly Lancashire, or tangy Cheshire. Great accompaniment to a "ploughman's platters" pâtés, grilled meats and cheese

Henshelwoods are dedicated to providing fine foods for independent retailers using the best available seasonal ingredients and with the minimum possible food miles. All the products are hand-made in small batches. They are free from artificial colourings and preservatives. Wherever possible, and to the best of our knowledge, the ingredients are GM free. All the products are suitable for vegetarians. The pickles, chutneys, mustards and jams are preserved using natural ingredients; spiced and flavoured to Henshelwood's own unique recipes.

Winner of Gold in the Great Taste Award 2007.