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Mandranova Nocellara Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil
The Contrada Mandranova is situated in a naturally magnificent part of Sicily. The wind, sun, sea, and earth strike the imagination with their powerful colours. Full of life, this is a place of both ancient history and Mediterranean beauty, where the olive trees have been swaying restlessly for centuries, blown by the winds of the Sirocco and Maestrale.

Combining traditional knowledge with modern methods, Mandranova products are not only excellent quality, but are true expressions of the land and people of Sicily. This oil is produced exclusively from Nocellara olives hand-picked on the Mandranova farm the first week of October. The oil is extracted immediately after harvest. It has a beautiful green color with golden hues. Pungency and bitterness in perfect harmony. For use on raw marinated tuna and blue fish, vegetables au gratin, pasta dishes with shellfish, fish stew, grilled meats and roasted pork.