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Pebble Beans
This is not a blend! All these beans come from the same amazing plant! Pebble Beans are like nature's natural bean blend. One plant amazingly produces a spectrum of differently decorated beans, ranging from solid colorations to speckled types with colors varying from black, brown, red, tan and white. They have a tender skin, dense and meaty texture and subtle taste. Incredibly, this variety of colors all come from the one plant and are all about the same size so they cook easily together. They are called "Pebble Beans" because, like a handful of pebbles, they can be all different colors. The Pebble Bean plant was discovered at a bean farm near Thornton, California several years ago. A surprised farmer found the plant on the perimeter of one of his bean fields by the road and saw that this one plant had literally 30 different colored/patterned beans on the same plant.