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Amaranth (Amaranthus Creuntus) is a very ancient grain, sacred food of the Aztecs and Incas. These are tiny round grains, gold in color with flecks of black and just smaller than a mustard seed. Amaranth is high in protein and vitamins with a crunchy texture (requires attentive chewing) with a pleasant fresh corn-like aroma and woodsy peppery flavor. Amaranth is very versatile, can be used as a sub for wheat (esp. for allergy prone). Amaranth is actually not a grain but a seed from a broadleaf herb plant. There is evidence of Amaranth going back to 4000 BCE. This grain was used by both the Aztecs and the Incas. Amaranth was not only used as a food by the Aztecs, it was also one of the materials used to make statues of their deities.

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