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Tuxedo Orzo Blend
This orzo is called "Tuxedo" because of the Black (from Squid Ink) and White (Plain Egg) colors of the Pasta. Orzo is made with Durham Wheat Flour (Semolina) which makes it a pasta. The Orzo is 1/3" long and rice shaped. The toothy, firm texture and subtle flavors lend it's use to many different applications. Orzo maintains its shape and color dulls slightly when cooked. Traditionally, Orzo has been used with rice to make Pilafs. Orzo like many pastas, has become a flexible and versatile ingredient. In Italian, Orzo means "Barley." Since Pasta doesn't contain any Barley the name is probably in reference to the shape of Orzo. Pasta has been a main stay ingredient in Italian cooking for centuries. Orzo is just one of the many shapes developed for specific uses. One pound dry yields 6 1/2 cups cooked.