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Organic Raw Maguey Sweet Sap Syrup
A traditional Organic Unrefined Raw Sweetener from the maguey (agave salmiana) plant, this sap is a natural source of valuable nutrients such as antioxidants and prebiotic dietary fiber. A maguey needs to grow for twelve years before it is ready to produce maguey sap, or aguamiel in Spanish. To obtain maguey sap, the central part of the plant is removed by cutting a hole in the shape of a bowl in it before it starts to develop a stem.

After a while, a craftsman scrapes this basin with a spoon-shaped instrument, and the sap that was to have nourished the flowering stalk slowly starts to flow, and is collected several times a day, for up to four months. This craft is known as tlachique, and it represents an ancient Mexican tradition. Maguey Sap comes from magueys that are grown in the desert without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. This is a project that supports the economy of several families in small rural villages in North Mexico. This process is a true artisan craft, unlike commercial agave syrup. Commercial agave syrup is from the starchy root of the plant, which is juiced, then the root is boiled to convert the starch into sugars. The Maguey Sap goes through a more natural process, one which does not involve killing the plant.

Evaporated at low temperatures to retain its unique properties. Absolutely no added sugar, enzymes, preservatives or artificial flavors. Use to sweeten yogurts, fruits, pancakes, tea and your favorite foods and beverages.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Raw Maguey Sap.
Certified Organic by IMO.