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Beer Flats Crackers
Around 4000 BC, in the Fertile Crescent, an innovative Mesopotamian used beer instead of water in a recipe for grain cakes, the precursor to Bread. With beer, the bread tasted better, was lighter, healthier, and more nutritious. Beer and Bread became nutritional sisters, sustaining people and sharing most ingredients. To celebrate that tradition and the rebirth of craft beer making, the makers of Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese created Beer Flats, artisanal flatbread crackers made with craft beer and whole grains. In the Pilsner you'll enjoy a malty flavor and a sturdy texture. The Porter is dark in color like the beer from which it is made and has the complexity that you would expect in a Porter. Serve them with your favorite artisan cheese, or as the bread on the table.

Perfect as a gift for any beer and cheese lover, the boxes have a retro look evoking the old time beer labels and muted earthy colors. These are a tasty complement with your favorite craft beer and cheese. They also pair well with smoked salmon, prosciutto, pate, liverwurst, charcuterie or cultured butter.

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