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Ilocano Asin Sea Salt by xroads
Ilocano Asin™ [ē'lō-kä'nō ä-sin] is a mild, mineral-rich sea salt. This is a moist, naturally white sea salt from the pure seawaters of Pangasinan (Philippines; region name – translated "land of salt"). This region is known for its fine salt beds. Away from any commercial and industrial sites, seawater from this region is pristine, resulting in beautiful, clean, oceanic mineral-rich salts.Wonderful, bright, crisp flavors powered by underlying minerals define this complex and well-balanced sea salt. Use for grilling, roasting and finishing to boost all foods from sweet to savory.

Variety: Philippine flor de sal. The structure of our sea salts contain both the granular (sal gris) and flake (flor de sal) crystals. This composition provides texture from the hollow crystals while the flakiness melts immediately on the palate to yield instantaneous taste. As a result of extreme temperatures during salt season ranging in 100+ Fahrenheit degrees, crystals form instantaneously, creating hollow saline structures, a textural element that chefs appreciate. Furthermore, because of the temperature, the flor de sal flake is not separated but harvested as it forms. A combination of the granular and flake crystals creates a unique mouth feel while a rich balance of minerals and texture culminates in a salt crystal that is pleasing to the touch and palate.

xroads Philippine Sea Salts® is committed to bringing quality, eco-friendly, hand crafted natural sea salts from the Philippines to culinary enthusiasts and professional kitchens everywhere. Founded by Lennie DiCarlo in an effort to preserve, protect and exalt artisanal methods of hand crafted natural sea salts as a sustainable, eco-friendly product, xroads Philippine Sea Salts® was launched in 2005.

The craft of salt making is one that is truly sustainable. Salt season in the Philippines is from Dec–May, during the "dry season". During the "rainy season", Jun–Nov, salt beds are flooded and used for shrimp and fish ponds. This method of farming creates biodiversity and allows the farmer to utilize the land for dual purposes. Due to the farming method of hand production and dependence on the weather, only limited quantities of sea salt are harvested.