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Tinawon Fancy Rice
Tinawon Fancy is a Fair Trade rice grown in the famous rice terraces on the northern Philippine island of Luzon. It has a mild, nutty flavor, and a white and brown speckled color. Tinawon Fancy has a fragrant popcorn-like aroma when cooked. Plump and short-grained, its big kernels and flavor lend Tinawon Fancy perfectly to a variety of flavors and dishes. Distributed by Eighth Wonder through Indian Harvest, Eighth Wonder is a company dedicated to preserving the traditional Filipino rice farmers' way of life, heirloom varieties of Philippine rice, as well as the historic terraces of the Philippines.

From humble beginnings, Indian Harvest has steadily grown to be the country's premier provider of rice and rice blends, exotic grains, and legumes to many of the industry's top creative chefs and restaurants. Because of the company's dedication to clean, high-quality, unique products, top-notch customer support, and the company's respect for the planet and its people, Indian Harvest has gained a very loyal following in the culinary community. Located in Bemidji, Minnesota, in prime Wild Rice country, the name Indian Harvest is a reference to the spirit and heritage involved in the harvest of the wild rice grain, the company's primary focus in its early years.