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Moutarde de Meaux Royale Pommery Crock with Cognac
This Royale Pommery Mustard by Moutarde de Meaux is a whole grain mustard with the very delicate taste thanks to the flavor of its spices, which are complemented marvelously with the perfume of cognac (6%). This delicious mustard will perfectly accompany your favorite culinary preparations, but is also perfect served on it's own with cured meats, cheeses, and good bread. Packaged in a black stoneware pot with a a stopper cork and wax gold seal, this mustard is perfect for gift-giving.

The town of Meaux is situated 35 miles west of Paris, following the twists and turns of the Marne, the river on the banks of which the town is built. From the fourth century onwards, the town became a cathedral town, and later the capital of the Brie region. The first links between religious orders and mustard date back to Charlemagne's time. This king asked the monks to cultivate mustard in cathedral towns such as Meaux. In the eighteenth century, several mustard mills were to be found, some of the manufacturers owned their own mill and others had become specialized in the flour trade, and sold their flour to craftsmen who made mustards destined partly for human consumption, and partly for medical and pharmaceutical use. As early as 1771, there were mustard makers in Meaux, who had taken over from the Chanoines, at a scale which was rather industrial for that time. Alongside his mustard company, J.B. Pommery exploited a millstone quarry. The secret of Meaux Mustard had been passed on to him by the Chanoines. In 1890, the Pommery family were the only mustard makers left. Today, Pommery's Meaux Mustard has kept the same recipe as in the past, its ingredients are carefully selected for their different qualities.