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Vully Rouge
The base for Vully Rouge is local, fresh milk from cows fed exclusively on grass and hay. The fresh, raw milk is thermised, where it is heated for 20 seconds at 150 F/66°C. Thermisation serves to eliminate undesirable bacteria without destroying the desired ‘good' bacteria. The latter are extremely important for the maturing process, flavor and texture. The cheese is then cellared for 10 weeks, where the wheels are turned and washed with brine and Pinot Noir (from the hills of Mont Vully, of course!) to help them mature. In 1998 Mont Vully won a gold medal at the Käsiade in Tirol in a field of 357 competitors. In the semi-hard cheese category our Mont Vully was classified as exceptional.

Vully Rouge is an exquisite semi-hard cheese, perfect for every occasion, whether it's breakfast, brunch, supper or a simple snack, in a sandwich or on the cheese board for dessert. With its soft, delicate texture, its color ranging from ivory to pale yellow and its mild and pure, slightly piquant flavor, this original cheese is always a hit.

  • Made of Pasteurized Cow's Milk.
  • Photo depicts whole 13 lb form.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.