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Blue Stilton by Cropwell Bishop
Cropwell Bishop's Traditional Blue Stilton has history – its special hand-ladled recipe was first used at their North Street Dairy in Melton Mowbray during the 1950s. Today, Cropwell Bishop continues to use traditional rennet to create a mouthwateringly delicious, silky-smooth cheese. The cheese masters at Cropwell Bishop ripen this Stilton for 15 weeks to give it a luxuriously complex flavor that lingers in the mouth. This is a Blue Stilton to savor; serve it simply with biscuits, walnuts, seasonal fruits, and a nice bottle of dessert wine.

Here at Cropwell Bishop they believe in keeping things in the family. That is why, from their creamery in the beautiful Vale of Belvoir, they have made exceptional Stilton for more than three generations. Cropwell Bishop also hand picked some of the best milk suppliers in the region: small, family-run farms whose expertise, like their own, has been passed down through generations. Today, cousins Robin and Ben Skailes oversee the day-to-day running of our cheese dairy along with their fathers, David and Ian. Using traditional methods passed down by their grandfather, they continue to produce award-winning Stilton of the very finest quality.

  • Made of Pasteurized Cow's Milk.
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