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Barrel Cured Greek Olives by Iliades
Get ready to taste the most addictive, healthy, and delicious olives you've ever tried. Cured solely with 100% Aegean sea salt, without acids, chemicals, lye, no heat, no potassium, not even vinegar is added. These fruity delicious olives just finished a six month process in wooden barrels packed with sea salt. Each week the olives were rolled and turned by hand to ensure even curing, then the olives were sun-dried to concentrate their flavors. This type of naturally cured olive is not usually available in the US. The olives are perfect as part of a meze appetizer plate, or just as an afternoon snack while relaxing in the shade.

Iliades is a Father-Son team, making oil and table olives from the family's own olive trees in Northern Greece. Iliades' founder, Paul, runs the company with the help of his father, Max. Max holds the family relationships with the farmers and growers, many of which span several generations. A graduate of the American Farm School in Thessaloniki, Max was raised on his family farm in the village of Neos Milotopos, Greece.