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Kana Reserva Cuban-Style Coffee in Wooden Gift Box
This special-edition gift box is perfect for the true connoisseur of Cuban-style coffee. This limited reserve is a unique and perfect high end specialty coffee gift that will truly be appreciated by whoever receives it. Bold and earthy, this coffee's con cuerpo ("heavy body") is wonderful as espresso or drip. Subtle earthy and woody aromas make this a coffee to savor after a special dinner. Like any true Cuban-style coffee, this dark roast captures the flavor of the true estilo Cubano "the Cuban style." Packed in an exclusive Kana Cuban Coffee collector's wooden box, this is a perfect way to say 'thank you.'

Kana Cuban Coffee is based in Margate, Florida, but their roots and roasting style can be traced back to Havana, Cuba. Although the family has been roasting coffee for generations, they're a new kind of cafetero that roasts coffee to achieve flavor profiles familiar to all Hispanic cultures, and appeal to all coffee lovers no matter their ethnicity. Kana Cuban Coffee specializes in coffees grown in Latin American countries, and is slow roasted to achieve a deep dark roast with big bold tastes and smooth finishes. The family's commitment to, and love for coffee can be experienced with every sip.

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