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Marrakech Extra Virgin Olive Oil
This premium extra virgin olive oil from Morocco boasts a low acidity, a herbaceous taste redolent of artichokes and herbs, and a peppery kick right at the end. This fiesty oil is perfect for pairing with the robust ingredients of the Moroccan kitchen, from sun-dried olives and preserved lemons to the ever-present jar of harissa chile paste. We also love this oil as a way to bring new depth of flavor to simple side dishes, such as couscous, roasted eggplant, or fried squash.

Mediterranean Gourmet was formed in 2008 as a producer of high end gourmet products from North Africa. As demand grew for their products, they wanted to bring value to their customers by giving them access to sought-after specialty food from their homeland. Originating from the Mediterranean region, Mediterranean Gourmet products are known to have the best flavors in the market; the taste and richness of every products is unique. Each producers has been developing these products for centuries, long standing history of experience and practice that extends over 150 years.