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Zukali Fire Roasted Salsa
Zukali Mexican Gourmet is proud to release their signature Fire Roasted Jalapeños as a chunky salsa. The jalapeños are lightly roasted and marinated in a succulent special blend of soy sauce, lime juice and a secret mix of spices. Make sure you try them with cream cheese on a tortilla chip, simply delicioso! Available in two flavors, both Medium Heat:
  • Cilantro Pineapple: Inspired by tacos al pastor, this tangy love story of Cilantro and Pineapple is sure to arouse your taste buds. Zukali roasts fresh peppers over an open flame, then toss in pineapple, and steep it all in a special blend of spices to bathe your mouth in salsa bliss.
  • Chipotle Kafe: Chipotle Kafe salsa delivers an authentic Mexican taste with a festive kick to keep your palate pleasantly surprised. With fresh roasted peppers and a rich coffee finish, this salsa can’t help but be the life of the party.

Varieties Sold Separately.