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Organic Cookies by Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye
As the newest addition to our best-selling line of French cookies by Biscuiterie de l'Abbaye come these 100% organic cookies. Made in Normandy, the region famous for butter, cream, and sea salt, these delicious cookies enjoy a generous dose of each. Each style of cookie is Certifie Argiculture Biologique, so you know that you're enjoyment is both gastronomic and environmentally sound. Available in three varieties:
  • Le Grand Sable: The traditional butter cookie of Normandy, similar to a shortbread. They are called "sables" due to their crumbly, sandy appearance.
  • Le Croustillant: Butter cookie dough is mixed with oak flakes and flaxseeds before being baked. These are delicious with tea and milk, or coffee.
  • Le Sables des Moissons: These butter cookies are made with a blend of white, oat, barley, buckwheat, and whole wheat flour. Then a dip in milk chocolate wraps everything in smooth, cocoa bliss.

Varieties Sold Separately.