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Israeli Olive Oil Jams by Live-O
These beautiful jams blend fresh fruits from the orchards of Israel with freshly-pressed olive oil from the Negev desert. Live-O has made their brand creating beautiful and exceptional oils from the harvest of the lands of Israel and never blended with imported oils. Now these oils add a new richness to classic jams. We love pairing these jams with our favorite cheeses. The Live-O story began with the planting of thousands of olive trees in the barren land of Kibbutz Revivim, located in the Negev desert. The rough climate of the desert makes production and storage crucial to maintaining their high-quality extra virgin olive oils. These jams contain No preservatives and no food coloring! Try all four varieties today.
  • Pear and Vanilla: This sweet and floral jam is great with fresh goat's milk cheeses. Made of pear, sugar, vanilla and olive oil.
  • Apple and Pomegranate: The supple and richly flavored jam is a treat with sheep's milk cheeses. Made of apple, sugar, pomegranate seeds, olive oil, pectine.
  • Fig and Balsamic: This jam is wonderful with tangy blue cheeses. Made of fig, sugar, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.
  • Cherry Tomato, Apple, and Cinnamon: Intense and captivating flavors makes this jam a stand-out with aged cow's milk cheeses. Made of cherry tomatoes, apple, sugar, cinnamon and olive oil.

Varieties Sold Separately.

Out of Stock Varieties:Pear and Vanilla, Apple and Pomegranate, Fig and Balsamic