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Southern Rind-On Bacon by Striplings
For those that like a little extra crunch with their bacon, try Stripling's Rind on Bacon. Today most bacon has the pork skin removed before smoking, but some customers prefer the old fashioned tradition of keeping the "rind" on the bacon. Stripling's owners, the Hardin family, love to deep fry a batch while enjoying a fish fry dinner. If you've never cooked rind-on bacon before, there are two methods to cooking it. First, and easiest, is to just pop it in the pan and fry like regular bacon. This will make the rind curl and cook, making some parts crispy and crunchy while other parts are soft and chewy. Or you can cut 3-4 notches into the rind (just through the rind, not the meat or fat), which will help the bacon to cook evenly and become crisp all over.

Stripling's has been a mainstay of Georgia families for the past 45 years. The business began with Hardin's uncle making and selling pork sausage out of his grandfather's mercantile store. As word spread about his handmade sausages, a proper butcher shop was opened in 1965. Since then new generations have fallen in love with Stripling's traditional, honest products.