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Modjeskas - Caramel Marshmallows in Gift Box
What is a Modjeska? It's not a word you'll find in Webster's dictionary; it's the name of a Polish actress. Madame Helena Modjeska, famed queen of the European stage, appeared at the McCauley Theater in Louisville KY. Her theatrical performance was enthralling to a patron attending this debut, Mr. Anton Busath, owner of Busath Candies, who was honored by an introduction to the beautiful actress. He asked and was granted permission to name his confection after her. Thus the "Caramel Biscuit" became known as the "Modjeska!" This tradition is carried on today by Kentucky's own Bauer's Candy.

A handmade marshmallow is at the center of each Modjeska, with a generous case of sweet caramel enrobing the delicious core. Packed in a beautiful gift box, these Modjeskas are perfect as anniversary gifts, birthdays, or just to tell someone how sweet they are to you.
Available either plain or chocolate-coated.
Varieties sold separately.

9-12 pieces per 8 ounce box.