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Pannonia Ham
Pannonia Hams are lightly smoked and semi-dried for a distinctive texture. These gems come from premium grade hogs specially selected for their leanness and thin fat layers. This is a whole ham, meaning that it is a deboned leg from a single pig, not a reconstituted ham like most others. Its addictive, slightly smoky flavor comes from the meat itself, which is semi-dried to concentrate the taste and then carefully smoked in a centuries-old traditional manner. This is truly an "Old World" ham.

Instead of adding extra salt, sugar, water, and other artificial ingredients to bind water with meat, Pannonia Hams are fully cooked and then aged to remove water from the ham, thus intensifying its own natural meat flavors. Phosphates are never used in its production. This traditional method of making a ham creates not only a wonderful flavor, but also a firm texture and a pleasant smoked aroma. Our Pannonia Ham has both eye and taste appeal that sets it apart from other hams.