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Fennel Beets by Brooklyn Brine
Sweet beets play nice with fennel seeds and tarragon in a delicious bath of red wine vinegar and evaporated cane juice. One bite and you'll be spoiled forever on plain beetroot. Toss with goat cheese and spinach for a sensational salad, or serve on the side with pork sausages and horseradish mashed potatoes. And once you're done with the beets, pop some hardboiled eggs into the brine for the deli classic of pickled eggs.

Brooklyn Brine combines the bounty of local, organic produce with NYC's vibrant energy and unbridled creativity. Each hand-packed jar is filled with bold flavors, organically sourced ingredients, and the love and attention you only get with small, seasonal batches. Plus, with each jar of delicious pickles comes the extra gift of the intensely flavored brine. Use it just like vinegar to splash on salads, beans, lentils, or to marinate meat or tofu.
Note: Although the produce, sugar, and many of the spices are organic, not every spice is certified organic, which is why we do not list this as an "organic" product.