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Papillon Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 500 ml
From the makers of France's world famous Roquefort cheese comes this exceptional, organic olive oil. Papillon is a cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, with a low acidity at 0.23% (normally 0.8% for extra virgin olive oil) which gives it a very fruity taste, neither spicy or bitter, with notes of apple, artichoke and almond. Their organic practices ensure that there is no pesticide residue. Papillon Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a pure expression of the olives' flavor and retains all of its nutritional qualities.

In the shadow of the Canigou mountain in France, the olive grove is set out along the Via Domitia, spanning over 74 acres of land bathed in the beautiful Mediterranean heat. Papillon extra virgin olive oil was born from this sun drenched land, obtained by a knowing blend of two olive varieties (Arbequina, a Catalan variety and Koroneiki, a Greek variety) chosen for both their aroma and flavor. The Papillon grove holds over 45,000 trees with a rustic Provencal villa and olive mill at the heart of the property. In 2008 Papillon erected a brand new mill to extract the olive oil: the Combusta Mill. This mechanical mill ensures the olive oil is extracted even faster than before, ensuring a smooth, delicious oil.

Gold medal winner at the Concours General Agricole in Paris in 2013