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Gravlax from Sullivan Harbor Smokehouse
The philosophy at Sullivan Harbor Smokehouse is simple: No shortcuts! The buisness is built around small batches, old-world methods and fanatical attention to quality at each step. To make this delicious, Scandanavian-style Gravlax, the curing process begins by rubbing fillets with salt and brown sugar, then patiently waiting for the perfect cure. Dry curing produces a firm texture and silky, mouth-watering finish. The common labor saving wet brining technique employed by other smokehouses adds water weight and a displeasing texture. The difference is immediately discernible.

Gravlax isn't hot smoked, but cured with dill, crushed peppercorn, sugar, and salt. All of the salmon comes from a fabulous farm in the Bay of Fundy. Icy clear water propelled by 25-foot tides sluice through the pens. Fed a carefully selected diet, these fish are raised without hormones and are antibiotic free. The result: healthy, muscular fish particularly high in Omega 3's. All of Sullivan Harbor Smokehouse's salmon is proudly ocean farmed. This way of raising salmon has, until recently, received a bad reputation. Ocean farmed salmon are actually very beneficial to the environment and your nutrition. A study conducted by the Institute of Medicine rates ocean farmed salmon as the lowest in mercury of all fish tested and the highest in heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Salmon ocean farming techniques also aid in the enhancement of wild salmon hatcheries, which release tens of millions of fish into the wild each year.