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Effies Homemade Tea Biscuits
Effie's Homemade is a 4th generation family recipe with origins in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. These family recipes became a business as they saw a market for people who love real food and crave a homemade taste. To that end, Effies has created this trio of tea biscuits from quality ingredients that we all know and love. Their crisp texture, hint of buttery sweetness, and a slightly salty finish make them a perfect treat any time of day.
  • Oatcakes: Effie's Oatcakes are great by themselves, but they're also wonderful when paired with other specialty foods. Try them with sharp cheddar, blue Stilton, or in oakcake S'mores!
  • Corncakes: Inspired by regional recipes of the Americas - cornmeal flatbreads, corn pones, johnnycakes – Effie's Corncakes are crisp tea biscuits with a homey, toasted corn flavor and a hint of anise.
  • Nutcakes: Effies combined the sweetness of Southern pecans with stone-ground whole wheat and wildflower honey to create these irresistible nutty tea biscuits. Effie's Pecan Nutcakes have a comforting flavor and buttery texture that make them perfect with your favorite hot or cold beverage. Try topping with stone fruit preserves, or pair with goat and blue cheeses.
  • Cocoacakes: Effie's signature Oatcakes now have a chocolate-y twist. Effie’s Cocoacakes are crisp, buttery cookies lightly malted and layered with toasted coconut. Deep, dark and oh-so delicious, try with a glass of cold milk or crumble on top of your favorite ice cream.
  • Ryecakes: Reminiscent of traditional European country breads, Effie’s Ryecakes have an earthy, walnut flavor and a touch of caraway. These crispy biscuits are lightly sweetened with a lingering butter flavor that begs for a robust cup of tea or coffee. A natural pairing, try Effie’s Ryecakes topped with sharp cheddar cheese alongside your favorite ale… it’s a classic!
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