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Geetas Spice and Stir Simmer Sauce
In Indian cuisine, it's traditional to start a curry by quickly frying the spices in ghee or oil. This helps to pull the essential oils out of the spices, resulting in a dish with better flavor and vibrancy. Spice & Stir Sauces are cooking sauces at their most innovative. A revolution in Indian convenience food whereby exotic traditional ingredients are used in the sauce, with a difference: a special blend of fragrant spices, packed with home-style flavor, is stored in a separate container on top of the jar. It is the authenticity and premium quality of the flavors that sets Geeta's apart from other sauces. Just stir these whole spices in a pan with hot oil or ghee for about a minute, until the oil takes on a warm fragrance from the spices. Then add your sauce, vegetables and meat or tofu!
  • Jalfrezi (Hot): A spicy sauce with onions, pepper and green chillies seasoned with cumin, coriander and garam masala.