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Duhaime Fruit Spread for Cheese
Looking for something exciting to serve at your next wine and cheese party? Try the unique and innovative flavors from Canada's Duhaime Gourmet. Sweetened only with organic sugar and pure maple syrup, these all-natural fruit-based chutneys are a great way to get your taste buds tingling! Serve these sweet and savory spreads on warmed cheese with farmhouse bread and top with Italian parsley and walnuts. A tasty discovery! Available in five flavors:
  • Cranberry, Raspberry, Ginseng & Star Anise: Delicious with mild Brie-type cheeses.
  • Lemon, Bourbon Vanilla & Black Pepper: Tastes great with all types of cheeses, particularly blue cheeses.
  • Date, Crab Apple & Roasted Cumin: Delicious with goat's milk cheeses.
  • Crab Apple, Bird Pepper & Nutmeg: A pleasure to taste with all types of cheeses, especially aged cheddars.
  • Orange, Cranberry & Vodka: Delicious with fresh cheeses.
Varieties sold separately.

3rd Prize for Innovation in the Salon Nord-Americain de l'Alimentation, 2007