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Fosterkase Bergfichte
Meaning "Mountain Fir" this soft raw Jersey cow's milk cheese was cheese maker Willi Schmid's first big success. Imported from Switzerland, Fosterkase is a washed rind cheese made after a centuries old recipe. Similar to Vacherin Mont d'Or, the gooey cheese is held together by a strip of bark, which holds the cheese together like a girdle. Willi even cuts the trees for the fir band himself from the Toggenburg forest. The fir bark gives the cheese its particular woodsy taste of tannins, as well as a slightly reddish hue.

Fosterkase Bergfichte is a creamy, gooey cheese with the golden color you can only get from raw Jersey cow's milk. This beautiful cheese has a full and heady aroma that hints at its complex and zesty flavor. Enjoy Fosterkase with a big red wine, like old vine Zinfandel. Stouts and ESB ales will also pair nicely with this cheese. Serve this lusty cheese lumberjack style, with good dark bread, smoked ham, and crisp vegetables.

  • Made from unpasteurized cow's milk.
  • Whole form is 2 pounds.
  • We cut and wrap this item by hand.