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Organic New York Maple Syrup by Crown Maple Farm - Light Amber
This Light Amber Organic Maple Syrup displays aromas of popcorn and peanuts, flavors of roasted nuts, salted caramel, and brown butter. The body of the Light Amber organic maple syrup, although still light, has a pleasing weight and depth, with flavors and finish that linger. With salted flavors and aromas their Light Amber syrup would make for an ideal partner for glazing meats such as pork belly/bacon. Cocktails that have whiskey as a base and that call for sweet components would benefit from their Light Amber, in place of muddled sugar cubes, try it in the classic "Old Fashioned." Also would provide an excellent substitute for palm sugar in many Thai recipes.

Crown Maple Syrup is crafted exclusively from the sap produced by 25,000 majestic sugar and red maple trees on a 800-acre sustainably managed farm. These varieties produce the sweetest sap on the planet and, combined with the perfect climate of the Hudson River Valley, make it possible for Crown Maple to produce our regal syrup. There are typically only about 20 prime sap days in a season and they generally begin in mid-February when temperatures in the Hudson Valley climb into the 40s during the day and dip to below freezing at night. This temperature fluctuation creates pressure inside the maples that naturally forces out the sap.

Crown uses a unique Reverse Osmosis unit – the only one of its kind in the US – that quickly and efficiently removes 90 percent of the water and produces a concentrate with the precise sugar content required for the next stage of their process. Using reverse osmosis to remove most of the water is far superior because it protects the delicate sap from prolonged exposure to heat which causes burning and excess carmelization.