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Merlot Vinegar by Castell de Gardeny
A bittersweet vinegar produced from intensely aromatic Merlot wine, with hints of vanilla and liquorice. Very sweet, elegant palate, enriched with toast notes acquired during the six months of aging in French oak casks that recall blackberries, raspberries and violets. Great vinegar to elaborate dishes with white meat, poultry, small game, smoked fish and nuts. Badia uses the term "bittersweet" to differentiate the balance of flavors in their lower-acidity vinegars.

In 1908, Agusia Badia i Badia founded Castell de Gardeny in Mollerussa, Spain. It was originally set up as a winery devoted to selling high quality wines and vinegars. All of Badia's vinegars are made with the 150 year-old Schutzenbach method, which emphasizes the pure flavor of the finished product--not a quick production time like many industrial vinegars.