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Grafton Village Maple Smoked Cheddar
Maple Smoked Cheddar is just one of the Grafton Village Cheese Company's excellent cheeses. It is bathed in the cool smoke from smoldering hard maple wood for four to six hours at the end of the aging period. What taste could be more typical of Vermont? The smoke is used to season, not to preserve. It adds a delicious nuance reminiscent of bacon, and is an excellent part of any breakfast menu (try it in an omelet!) and on cocktail trays. We were so impressed by its quality that we honored Maple Smoked Cheddar from Grafton Village as our July 2002 Cheese-of-the-Month.

  • Made from unpasteurized cow's milk.
  • Awarded 3rd Place in the American Cheese Society 2007 Awards in the Smoked Cheddar Category.