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Palm Island Sea Salt from Molokai
For centuries, Hawaiians on the tiny island of Molokai harvested salt from her clean, clear waters. In 2003, Kent Clampitt, an entrepreneur and process engineer, was vacationing on Molokai with his wife Peggy, and they experienced first-hand the outstanding taste and purity of these superlative sea salts. So began a fascinating journey of research, discovery, and innovation.

Commercial table salt, and, indeed, most gourmet salts, contain approximately 99% sodium chloride. By having a scientific analysis performed on the Molokai "whole salt" harvested by traditional methods, Kent determined that it contained only 84% sodium chloride, a distinct health benefit. The remaining 16% was comprised of some 80 natural elements, electrolytes, and trace minerals that imparted the salt's exceptional taste qualities.

Research evolved into a vision: to create a new, high-technology company able to produce the world's finest gourmet sea salts in commercial quantities, laying the foundation for a unique, micro-economic business model for Molokai residents.

  • Premium White: Compare it to any other specialty salt and you will be amazed at the difference in taste, texture, and moisture. In addition to being extraordinary in its own right, White Silver is also the basis for the three other outstanding Palm Island varietals.
  • Red Gold Volcanic Clay: Hawaiian Red Gold is a legendary medicinal clay salt laden with healthful benefits. Our Red Gold is the finest available; when added to White Silver through a proprietary bonding technology, the glorious color of Palm Island Premium Red Gold is imparted, along with its uniquely zesty flavor.
  • Pink Diamond: Pink Diamond is a beautiful finishing salt with a color like dusty roses. Use this ultra-premium Hawaiian sea salt for finishing grilled fish, steaks, or sprinkling on home made caramels or truffles.
  • Black Lava: Hawaii Kai bonds only the highest purity, highest quality activated charcoal to our White Silver salt in order to create Palm Island Premium Black Lava. Dramatic and delicious, exciting and exotic, Black Lava is a must-have for every home chef.
  • Bamboo Jade: An especially healthy and flavorful sea salt made with certified organic bamboo leaf extract from southern China. The extract is abundant in amino acids, antioxidants and vitamins, and with the delightful "nose" it imparts to the salt, Palm Island Premium Bamboo Jade is perfect for all types of Asia-influenced cuisine.
Varieties sold separately.