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Fennel Thyme Finishing Salt
Experience the finest Italian fennel pollen, fresh hand-picked thyme leaves, and crunchy, moist, hand-harvested sea salt. Even those who do not typically use fennel in seasoning their foods will quickly fall in love with this salt! Satisfying on seafood, pork, lamb, poultry, tomatoes, roasted carrots, Mediterranean soups, scrumptious ratatouille, sliced oranges or apples.

Didi Davis Artisan Food is a specialty food company known for its handmade, small-batch, artisan salt and sugar blends. Each blend is comprised of the highest quality ingredients - from the hand-harvested sea salt in each salt blend to the Hawaiian cane sugar in each sugar blend. Use our finishing salts and sugars to add the perfect flavor to any dish - with a simple sprinkle you can transform the mundane into something wonderful!