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Sumac Pepper Finishing Salt
This salt blend is bright, floral, and fruity, with an undercurrent of heat. Sumac peppercorn berries are prized in eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cooking for their striking color and tart flavor. Didi Davis has blended Sumac with an exotic peppercorn from Bali. Lampung peppercorns are shade-grown to protect them from harsh sunlight, heat, and wind, thus maintaining a high essential oil content. It gives these peppercorns a smooth, yet pungent, chile-like heat.

Scatter Sumac Pepper Salt over simply dressed salads, on seafood, poultry, lamb, rice or bulgur dishes, kebabs, yogurt dishes and sauces, tomatoes, vegetables (especially onions or eggplant), grilled or toasted bread drizzled with olive oil, and fruit dishes. Use in dipping oils, marinades, or dry rubs.

Didi Davis Artisan Food is a specialty food company known for its handmade, small-batch, artisan salt and sugar blends. Each blend is comprised of the highest quality ingredients - from the hand-harvested sea salt in each salt blend to the Hawaiian cane sugar in each sugar blend. Use our finishing salts and sugars to add the perfect flavor to any dish - with a simple sprinkle you can transform the mundane into something wonderful!