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Christopher Norman Chocolate Bar
Christopher Norman Chocolates is founded in 1994. John Down, the Chief Chocolate Officer, uses his distinguished background in painting and the arts, to create a unique artistic quality in the taste and feel of all his chocolates. Distinctive boxed collections, hand painted & sculptural truffles, and innovative flavors are all essential elements in Christopher Norman Chocolates. It is their mission to create extraordinarily luscious and sensory-provoking confections that encompass the quintessentially classic flavors, as well as unique and fresh taste experiences. Only the finest all-natural ingredients are used in their truffles and chocolates. Each piece is made by hand, at their New York City factory.
  • Blood Orange: Christopher Norman's spin on the traditional pairing of Oranges with Chocolate, they use Blood Oranges from Sicily in this special bar.
  • Pistachio: Pistachios are ground into a smooth butter, which is then piped into a thin ribbon through the dark chocolate bar.
  • Spicy Pecan: Pecans roasted in a mélange of spices ranging from sweet cinnamon to heady cumin - the nuts are then chopped and mixed into the bittersweet bar.
  • Varieties sold separately.

  • Out of Stock Varieties:Blood Orange