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Don Ramiro Spanish Jam
We're proud to offer this line of rich and natural jams, prepared from scratch, without using any preservatives or artificial coloring. All these Spanish jams are made with fresh fruit, lemon juice and sugar as the only ingredients in their traditional recipes. These products are manufactured and marketed by James Don Ramiro, a company located in the Asturian town of Llambreo.
Available in four varieties:
  • Pimiento (Red Pepper): This sweet and savory jam is delicious with aged cheeses or added to a salad dressing.
  • Castana (Chestnut): Chestnut Jam is perfect as a sweet foil for wild meats, and also for glazing desserts.
  • Manzana-Cidra (Apple and Cider): Tart and sweet, this jam is best served with breakfast, spread on warm pastries or with yogurt.
  • Platano-Galleta (Banana and Cookies): Thick and spreadable, this tropical banana jam is thickened with pulverized cookies for rich texture.
Varieties sold separately.

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