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Dehesa de los Llanos Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Dehesa de Los Llanos is an estate covering a stunning 24,000 acres in the municipality of Albacete, Spain. Founded in the 17th century by a congregation of Franciscan monks, who gently cultivated the naturally rich soil. Dehesa de Los Llanos has preserved its original agrarian structure, forming part of the Azucarera Larios business group since the early 20th century.

Today, Dehesa de Los Llanos produces an award-winning line of wine, Manchego cheese, and now this exceptional Arbeqino extra virgin olive oil. The small, intensely-flavored olives are harvest mechanically, allowing the oil to be freshly pressed within hours of harvest. We love this peppery, zesty oil over fish braised in a spicy tomato sauce, or just as a dressing for green salads.