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Size: 4 ounces
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Green Peppercorn Cone by Coach Farm
Coated in a bloomy edible white rind, this cone-shaped goat cheese from Coach Farm is aged only for a few weeks--just long enough to develop a delicious creamy flavor. It is dotted with green peppercorns that impart a delicious peppery flavor to the cheese.

Miles and Lillian Cahn started Coach Farm in 1985. Previously they owned Coach Leather before moving upstate to enjoy a more "peaceful" life. Miles has often been quoted that they are being held hostages by 900 goats at the farm. Faithful to the traditional methods of the French farmstead cheesemaker, Coach Farm is turning out authentic, artisanal goat cheeses that were once found only in the remote villages of France. Coach farm is located in a small Hudson Valley village, just two hours outside of New York City. They have, at present count, over 900 French Alpine dairy goats, born and raised on the farm.

Approximately 4 ounces.