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Trio of Canadian Cheeses
Canada has a robust dairy industry with direct links to both English and French culture. Our Canadian cheeses are of superb quality, thanks in part to strict government regulations, but also to a deep-rooted devotion to detail passed down from generation to generation. This dedication to quality shines through in the cheeses that comprise our trio, each described in detail below:
  • Canadian Camembert: Born centuries ago in Normandy, this Camembert is made in Quebec by French emigrants. (7 oz)
  • Cheddar: All Canadian Cheddars must meet strict government guidelines before they can be labeled "Canadian Cheddar". Our Canadian Cheddar is a premium quality example. Aged over 12 months, it has a sharp, nutty flavor with a sweet aftertaste. Perfect for snacking or melting! (7.5 oz)
  • Canadian Chevre: This smooth, spreadable pasteurized goat cheese has a warm, tangy flavor and is very versatile. Perfectly suited for snacking or cooking, it is also excellent crumbled over your favorite green salad. (10.5 oz)
This assortment includes 1.56 pounds of wonderful Canadian cheese.

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