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Blossom Water Collection - Assorted 12 Pack
Planting in his cottage garden, company co-founder Steve suddenly thought, "Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could develop a healthy drink that was infused with the essence of delightful blossoms?" Following on this inspiration, his research uncovered centuries-long use of floral botanicals in beverages across the globe. Many cultures have appreciated floral elements not only for their aroma and taste, but also for their seeming contribution to well-being.

After much development, vision became reality. Blossom Water produces a premium line of floral-enhanced waters, for consumers trying to maintain adequate hydration via better-for-you beverages, while also seeking enjoyable flavor. In its innovative pairing of floral with fruit botanicals, Blossom Water offers four varieties: Lemon Rose, Plum Jasmine, Grapefruit Lilac and Pomegranate Geranium. Each is simply pure water infused with the essences of fruit and flower, balanced by a touch of natural sweetness. Lively yet nuanced, each delivers thirst-quenching fruit upfront with delicate floral note finish.

Blossom Water drinks are certified non-GMO and free of gluten, caffeine and sodium. They are vegan and kosher, and have no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives. The result is an all-natural, low-calorie drink suited to health-conscious lifestyles.

Sold as a value pack of 12 bottles, three bottles of each flavor. Each bottle contains 16 fl.oz. (474mL). The flavors of Blossom Water are:

Lemon Rose - Bright, tangy lemon with the sweet, spicy notes of Turkish rose

Plum Jasmine - Luscious, ripe plum with the smooth, exotic finish of Catalonian jasmine

Grapefruit Lilac - Bold, refreshing grapefruit with the subtle, captivating accent of lilac

Pomegranate Geranium - Tart, juicy pomegranate with the rose, mint overtones of scented geranium

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