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A Little Bit of Japan
This is the perfect collection to enjoy some of the favorite foods of Japan. This sampler includes:
  • Shirakiku Japanese-Style Chuka Soba Ramen Noodles - 8oz
  • Shirakiku 100% Pure Sesame Oil - 6.25 oz
  • Marukan Seasoned Rice Vinegar 12 Oz
  • Satsuma Handcrafted Iced Green Tea - 10 Bag Pouch
  • Satsuma Handcrafted Hojicha Tea - 10 Bag Pouch
  • Two Bottles of Shirakiku Ramune Carbonated Soft Drink Soda 200 ml - Original Flavor
  • Inaka Soba Japanese-Style Buckwheat Noodles 1Lb by Shirakiku
  • Yamasa Organic Gluten-Free Tamari Soy Sauce 5 Oz
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