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Brown Ale Cheese Assortment
Beer and cheese? This enticing tradition is being resurrected here in the U.S., at microbreweries and dairies across the country. Some of the classic combinations are simply divine, whilst contemporary pairing of new world beers and cheeses is yielding exciting results.

English and American Brown Ales share many characteristics, and both complement this selection of cheeses beautifully. These hand-crafted ales crave textured, robust and complex cheeses, and that's exactly what we've given them. Pete's, Rogue, Sierra Nevada and Brooklyn Brewery all produce popular domestic Brown Ale, whilst from the other side of the pond, Samuel Smiths and of course Newcastle are easily accessible.
  • Cheshire: One of England's finest, this three month cow's milk cheese has a sweet, caramel-ripe butter smell with notes of straw and a bright acidity - perfect for a nice glass of Brown Ale. (7.5 oz)
  • Agour Ossau-Iraty: One of our favorite sheep's milk cheeses from the French Pyrenees. A slightly dry texture gives way to a creamy, buttery quality in the mouth, and the flavors hint at both herbs and fruit, with slightly nutty undertones. (7.5 oz)
  • Extra DOUBLE Aged Gouda: Beemster have created a true masterpiece in their 26 month old gouda, its brittle texture punctured with alternating hints of caramel, butterscotch, whiskey and pecans. (7.5 oz)
  • Monte Veronese: From Lessinia, Italy, this cow's milk cheese is aged approximately 5 months to create a sweet, yet delicate rich, fruity, nutty flavor. (7.5 oz)
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