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Fun Flavored Butter Assortment
Butter makes it better! This collection features four of our favorite compound butters. These butters are perfect for cutting into medallions and serving on top of grilled chops, steamed vegetables or swirled into hot noodles. This assortment includes:
  • Black Truffle Butter: Aux Delices des Bois Black Truffle Butter is the perfect way to get the intense flavor of truffles without breaking the bank. Black truffle's musky, earthy flavor carries well in eggs, cream sauces, and with red meat. The culinary possibilities are endless: top a steak, swirl into sauce as a finishing touch, or spread on canapés.(3 oz)
  • Smokey Barbecue Butter: New Smoky Barbecue Butter will punch up summer classics like barbecued chicken and ribs. Also try with juicy grilled meats, sizzling hot fish, fire-seared vegetables, and even grilled breads. Rounds can be sliced off the roll for convenience, portioning, and easy freezer-to-use handling. (3.5 oz)
  • Bacon Butter: Made from 100% Beurre de Baratte, Bacon Butter is the perfect and simplest addition to any pasta, eggs, omelette, or savory crêpes. Real hickory smoked bacon adds extra savor and richness to this new take on a classic compound butter. Bon appetit! (3 oz)
  • Porcini Butter: This butter made with Organic Cream (Beurre de Baratte) is the perfect and simplest addition to any pasta, gnocchi, risotto and soup as well as the finish touch to any sauce. (3 oz)
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