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Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel Patties by Long Grove-Pack of 10
This irresistible treat combines three sinful flavors: buttery caramel, dark chocolate, and all-natural sea salt. Each of the ten included patties is individually wrapped, ensuring freshness. Handcrafted in Illinois by Long Grove Confections, the manufacturing process begins with tropical sugar that is slowly cooked in open copper kettles until it caramelizes. Fresh Vermont cream is then added to richen its flavor, then the delicious goo is cooled overnight. The next day, round caramel patties are hand cut and sent through a chocolate waterfall where they become enrobed by 54% dark chocolate. A sprinkling of coarse sea salt crystals on top is the finishing touch. Each bite joyously marries the three flavors, begging for you to eat just one more.

Each pack contains ten (10) pieces. Each piece weights 0.75 ounce.