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Connoisseurs Collection of Oil & Vinegar
Four of our favorite extra virgin olive oils and vinegars for the connoisseur are found here. Let us help you prepare a memorable vinaigrette or dress roasted vegetables, pasta, and beans. Each of these high quality oils and vinegars is a stunning product by itself, but when combined they create true culinary magic. This assortment includes:
  • Albereto Unfiltered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Organic, unfiltered extra virgin olive oil made exclusively from frantoio, leccino, & pendolino olives grown on the small Albareto Estate in Tuscany. (500 ml)
  • Arbosana Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil by La Boella: Imported from Spain, Arbosana oil has a complex flavor profile, which characterizes the variety. At "MolĂ­ la Boella" the family takes great care at each step in the production process of the oils. (500 ml)
  • Rosato Wine Vinegar from Modena: A new wine vinegar from Modena, the new Rosato sweet and zesty vinegar is truly unique product from Mazzetti. Produced from rose wine, this vinegar is the perfect balance of fruitiness and acidity. (500 ml)
  • Moscatel Vinegar by Castell de Gardeny: In 1908, Agusia Badia i Badia founded Castell de Gardeny in Mollerussa, Spain. It was originally set up as a winery devoted to selling high quality wines and vinegars. This Moscatel vinegar is made with sweet wine from the white grape muscatel variety.(250 ml)
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